Monday, June 27, 2011

Mother's Day, Father's Day and a Couple of New Additions

Summer is HERE. We're on our lazy day, don't have to be anywhere schedule! I haven't sewn very much these last few weeks but I think I have a good excuse, or a couple of good excuses actually. I finished the coupon organizers for my mom and sister for Mother's Day and a few heat rice bags for the men in our family for Father's Day by the last day of school (my goal!) and that's been it.

As for my newest distractions, meet Olive and Lily. Olive came to us from my beloved nieces. Yes, the same ones who gave us Lila (see If You Give Your Aunt a Goldfish post.) Olive came out of the woods during the girls' horse lesson. Quite a miracle considering her dark coloring and the fact that she only weighed 13 ounces! The girls searched for a home for a few days until I saw that she was a black kitten. (I have a soft spot for all black animals, they have always been my best pets.) Well, I just had to have her! Needless to say she is the center of attention around here. There's nothing like a new baby in the house!
Lily is another story. We were garage sale-ing a couple of Saturdays ago, on our way home, when we decided to follow one last sign. The nice family was already packing up for the day. Then I saw it...

'Free bunny to good home. Cage, food, bedding all included'

"Did you find  a home for your bunny?" Please say yes, please say yes...I think you can see how that turned out! Lily now lives in our family room, gets fresh fruits and greens and has a built in playmate in Olive!

The menagerie grows again!

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