Sunday, August 21, 2011


I looove to go garage sale-ing! I'm fortunate to live in an area that has many high end neighborhoods, and let me tell you, rich people have GREAT stuff! This is one of my best scores ever. The first stop at this sale I bought the khaki skirt (Ann Taylor), the red sweater (Van Heusen), the denim jacket (Coldwater Creek) and the two blue and white blouses (Liz Claiborne and Style & Co). After a little negotiating I paid $12 for all. Yes, $12 for these gorgeous, like-brand new clothes!
It was only our third stop so I had to walk away from many other pieces. I have to pace my carefully allotted spending money, but boy did I love these clothes. What are the odds of finding clothes exactly my style and IN MY SIZE!!

Fast forward to on our way home. Flock Warden says "let's stop back at that sale where you found all those clothes you liked". Now I am not one to ever say no to a garage sale, but I was tired and only had $3 left. "No, I'm happy with what I got earlier and we're about out of money." You know what he does? (I adore this man for so many reasons, this is just one) He pulls out two five dollar bills that he has squirreled away in his wallet and tells me to go get some more of those beautiful clothes!
Three embroidered skirts and the burgundy jacket later, I am one happy girl!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Going, Going, GONE!

I feel like I've just lost about 100 pounds! There's nothing like cleaning out to make a girl feel like she's got a good excuse to go (or keep) shopping. We had a huge garage sale a few weeks ago. We spent weeks unpacking boxes and boxes of stuff that head been packed away in our garage for the last three years. Hundreds of items were cleaned, and priced then brought out, placed on tables, tarps and anything else we could find. Signs were made, ads were placed and our hopes were high. After nearly four hours, we had made a fistful of money but had only sold about 1/10th of everything. Lord, please don't make me have to pack this stuff up again. We couldn't even get it all to Goodwill in one truckload! Prayers answered, a lovely lady from a local church asked if we would be willing to donate the leftovers and they would pick them up. Yes, yes, YES!! Turns out this is the church that has the absolute biggest and best sale every year (I go at least twice each year!), so let's hope I don't end up re-buying my own stuff!