Saturday, February 12, 2011

More of the Polly!

Just look at that face!  Isn't she absolutely adorable?  I can't explain why exactly, but I am just smitten with this little creature.  Most nights I bring her into bed with me for a nice relaxing pet session and to tell her how cute she is.  She lays down, stretches out and entertains the Flock Warden and I with her happy noises and an occasional yawn.

During the day while the house is quiet, Polly is happy to have the radio playing softly (we don't want her to be lonely while her human is at school!) but when she hears me coming up the stairs she starts her little wheeking. The books say it's because I'm the chuck wagon and the fruits and vegetables I bring are the cause of her joy, but I choose to believe it's reciprocated adoration! 

Friday, February 4, 2011

Something Accomplished FINALLY!

It's taken me five weeks, yes five, to complete these projects.  I 've been in a creative slump I guess.  Today I finally finished and listed these in my Etsy shop.  You would have thought I was giving birth!  Broken needles, shredded thread, fusible web stuck on everything, cutting mistakes and a few minor injuries has made these projects downright painful!
The best part was getting to Bedazzle stuff!  It really is fun, and easy (I am always grateful for anything that's actually easy!) I'm looking around for more stuff to Bedazzle.  I'm thinking headbands, bags and a denim jacket I saw lying around.  Mmm, maybe I'm starting to get my sewing mojo back.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Couponing Part 2...The Drug Store

Tuesday:  I have delayed writing this post, hoping I would have some great story to tell about saving money at the drugstore.  I think I might grow old waiting for that to happen.  I know it's possible, just read what the ladies at Wild for Wags or I Heart CVS have to say.  I try really hard.  I'm organized, I have a list, I have my coupons, I have read and memorized the scenarios these ladies offer, but I just can't seem to get right!  Surly cashiers, beeping computers and empty shelves are just a few of my recent experiences. In theory, Extra Bucks and Register Rewards are like free money, but ONLY if you get it right! 

Wednesday:  Today I went to my local Walgreens with five items on my list and they were out of two.  I was ready to chalk this up to my typical drugstore experience. I had a few other errands to run so I stopped at another Walgreens that was on my way.  EUREKA!! I hit paydirt with this store!  Orderly, everything in stock and a pleasant cashier!  I spent a total of $12.47 for nearly $60 worth of stuff and I left with $10 in Register Rewards!! Woohoo!  (I actually made $7 in the whole deal!) I will definitely drive the extra miles next time, it beats making two trips. 
So I guess it can be done.  Here's what I've learned:
  • Start small. Get only a few things that are on sale and/or you have coupons for, until you get the hang of Rewards/Bucks.  Then learn to do the multi-transaction deals.
  • Know your prices.  Drugstore prices can be high but they often have great sales. Paired with coupons and Rewards/Bucks you can save a bundle.
  • Know your store.  My experience is that high traffic stores can't keep up the supply-demand thing.
  • Stack your coupons.  The same principle applies here as it does in the grocery store.  Stacking store coupons and manufacturer coupons = big bucks in savings!
  • Register Rewards (Walgreens) are manufacturer coupons that can be used in other stores.  I've used them in Target and Publix, so hold on to them if you don't need anything else in the drugstore.