Thursday, April 21, 2011

Extreme Baking, Eating and Pretty Good Couponing

There's been a lot of buzzing lately about TLC's Extreme Couponing, a show all about families who use hundreds of coupons to get groceries for mere pennies on the dollar. While I do enjoy the entertainment factor of this show, it's not very realistic for my family. My boys (Flock Warden included) would be extremely disappointed if I came home with 40 bottles of mustard and 110 bags of croutons for the week, even if I only spent $2.30! I am getting better at this couponing game, but not at the expense of our true passion around here, extreme eating! In the last ten days I have made a key lime pie, a tray of peanut butter cup brownies, two homemade pizzas and an apple pie. The key lime was not a huge hit. I used regular limes and it was very, well, lime-y. Fortunately our little flock of hens, a.k.a. 'the girls' had no objections at all, finishing a half of pie in less than 10 minutes. The tray of brownies on the other hand were a bigger success. Two teenage boys, one pan of fudgy brownies loaded with their favorite candy, you do the math. Gone in a day. Homemade white pizza with spinach was not a hit with the kids, they got their own plain cheese. Flock Warden and I on the other hand really liked it. Gone in one sitting. Extreme eating? I think so. Maybe TLC has a slot open for us?!

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  1. Chickens get pie?? hmmm - wished I lived closer, I would have tried a piece!